Sanjay Goswami


Sanjay Goswami

Trustee - Entrepreneur

Director of Ridhi Sidhi Infracon Pvt. Ltd.
Proprietor of DC North East

“Philanthrophy is not about money, its about feeling the pain of others and caring about their needs to help.”(Timothy Pina)

I Sanjay Goswami, was born and brought up in the State of Assam. At a very young age I have seen hardships faced by my family while my Honest & Patriotic father (L) Shri Himangshu Dev Goswami was serving at the Deptt. Of Police. His loyalty and truthfulness was well appreciated and admired by many. I lost my mother (L) Smti. Biva Goswami to cancer at a very young age. I recalled her beautiful face fading away due to the dreadful aliment and I was helpless as there was no cure to the disease at that time. After looking around the pain & suffering of helpless people, I realized the importance of giving. Life has not given me an easy path to walk on when I decided to become an Entrepreneur. However, I always believed in hard work and perseverance. I knew that, if I want to make a difference to the society, it has to be through Philanthropy.

In my journey as an Entrepreneur, I had faced many challenging situations which made me think about the importance of sustainability and inclusive growth. The zeal to serve my State and the sense of leading a purposeful life has ignited the idea to start Biva Himangshu Memorial Trust in the year 2012 and registered it in 2017 which is in loving memory of my parents. My wife Mrs Nandita Sarma Goswami is a co-founder and one of the Trustees. Through this trust, we have made valuable contributions to the society by offering our help and support to enshrine the doctrine of equality in our society many a times and will continue to serve relentlessly towards the community.

Our State has talented and knowledgeable youths whose dreams to serve the nation does not get fulfilled due to lack of guidance and economical set back. Having that said, I would like to announce a very special program “Pancha Parasmoni” in which we will be selecting future 5 Civil Services and Union Public Service Commission aspirants from all across Assam and will be sponsored for coaching at Rau’s IAS Study Circle, Delhi. The core purpose is to assimilate our youngsters to take up competitive entrance exams and these 5 aspirants will be guided and given a road map to fulfill their dreams through the collaboration of Rau’s IAS Study Circle and Biva Himangshu Memorial Trust. We need to bring more community role models and instill confidence in our youths. Hence, “Pancha Parasmoni” will be an initiative to identify capability of the aspirants and help them to serve the people and beneficially contribute to the society.

Lets us join our hands together towards a brighter and hopeful future of our community through Biva Himangshu Memorial Trust.