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Biva - Himangshu Memorial Trust

Lt. Himangshu Dev Goswami
(01-11-1926 - 06-07-2014)
Lt. Biva Goswami
(17-04-1941 - 06-06-2000)

Founded in 2012 and subsequently registered as a Trust in 2017, "Biva Himangshu Memorial Trust" was founded by Shri Sanjay Goswami & Mrs Nandita Sarma Goswami in loving memory and honor of their parents, Late Shri Himanshu Dev Goswami and Late Mrs Biva Goswami. The Trust, through the philanthropic efforts of its founders, has supported a plethora of sociocultural initiatives since its inception that aim to uplift and support the quality of life of the youngsters and senior citizens in the State of Assam. The Trust is driven towards developing a holistic, spiritual, physical and educational growth in society.


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  • It is with great gratitude that I express my thanks to the Memorial Trust for sponsoring me with a sum of Rupees 5 lakhs for my English Channel Attempt, in 2018. I cannot be more grateful for making my event possible. Warm wishes and thanks,
    Elvis Ali Hazarika