Financial Advisor


Hari Shanker Singh

Financial Advisor

When we have surplus after fulfilling our basic needs, what is important is to get maximum satisfaction out of that surplus. We should always use it for serving the needy people of our society. Even if we do not have surplus, still we can serve the society and get utmost satisfaction by appreciating and praying for those who are serving the needy people. The happiness we get in giving cannot be measured. Let us join our hands together to try and experience this soulful joy of helping the needy through “Biva Himangshu Memorial Trust.

It is also said that “Seva Parmo dharma”. Our God also showers his blessings , peace and happiness in our life when we work for the wellbeing and happiness of his creatures.

Biva Himangshu Memorial Trust headed by Sri Sanjay Goswami and his wife Mrs Nandita Sarma Goswami are offering social service to the needy people of society by providing medical assistance to critically ill helpless patients, providing wheel chairs, beds etc. in old age homes, by taking old-aged orphaned women to tirtha yatras around the country, providing free education to brilliant students from poor families and many more such services...

Myself Hari Shankar Singh being a renowned Chartered Accountant of Assam feels immensely privileged to be associated with this trust as their Financial advisor. I wish success in all endeavours undertaken by Biva Himangshu Memorial Trust to the needy people of the society and my wish is that it continues its journey forever. I pray for the peace, happiness and prosperity of the trustees and their family.