Dignified Living Initiative

It is a fact that more than 18 million elderly in India are homeless. Senior citizens living in poverty face abandonment by their own families as they cannot earn an income. Many a times, they are left with no choice but to beg to survive. Many elderly are left alone after their children move to the cities in search of better livelihood. In the last few days of their lives, they have none to look after them in an age when they really need love and support but the negligent attitude of their near and dear ones ends them up in Old Age Homes. Keeping this aspect of abandonment by their own families in mind, Biva Himangshu Memorial Trust has initiated the “Dignified Living Initiative” wherein actual needs of the old-aged inmates are being looked into and donated exclusively to the Old-Age Homes. Also financial and other assistance are being provided to various Old-Age Homes across the state of Assam. Our team is trying to make the world understand that the reason behind our presence in this world is our parents.. Our deeds will definitely inspire today’s youth and would make them understand the true value of parents who shall always be our guiding spirits. Our mission is to work towards developing and implementing activities that enhance productive aging. We will provide services that enable older adults to remain healthy, active and empowered, constantly striving to be a leader in long-term care, to live & to enhance the quality of life of elders through innovative and comprehensive care with love and affection. The aim is to serve elderly citizens in a holistic manner, enabling them to live active, dignified and healthier.